a peaceful induction | melanie's story

The first time I knew that Melanie was going to be a life long friend, I was bent over a couch with 200 tiny splinters in my bum and the WORST SUNBURN I've ever had.  That was spring break freshman year and we've been friends ever since.

For Mel's first birth she was rushed to an early c section for pre eclampsia and delivered two tiny baby girls (one named after me!).  For her second birth, she asked me to be her doula and she had an all natural VBAC!  That birth was all kinds of hard, and it was LONG...but she did it.  

So when the birth of her 4th child came up, she was very hesitant...that labor pain was still so fresh.  It ended up that baby number 4 needed a little extra coaxing to join the world and Mel was induced one beautiful October morning.  We all braced ourselves for an augmented labor and how crazy it was probably going to be...and it just wasn't.  Clark was born after a very short and calm labor (ok it got a little wild at the very end;), but overall it was completely wonderful. Once he was born and handed over we were just all in shock that he was already here!  His older brother had taken over a full day to make his way earth side.  The whole experience was surreal.  

I loved seeing Mel bond hard with that baby.  I loved seeing her and Ed slow dancing when things got intense and she needed him.  I loved chatting over sandwiches about motherhood as we watched the sun set from the room.

And then the troops came to visit.  It's pretty unbelievable to have known and loved someone so long.  I saw Mel as an insecure freshman...all the way to being a beautiful mother of 4.  4 precious babies.  The room was filled with squeals and giggles as the newest Murdock met his clan and I was just so freaking happy to be there.

Source: thebirthofclark