To Lucy Miller on her 2nd Birthday

Oh my beautiful, darling girl, it is your second birthday today.  I am so grateful that my heart can celebrate instead of mourn because I have enjoyed every freaking second so far.  I constantly chose you over all the little things that don't actually matter and because of that, my heart is bursting with memories and thousands of hours of just staring at you and kissing you.  

Very few things are as good as I hope they would be...but you, my sunshine girl, you are beyond what I ever dreamed of.  Truly.  Your life has been a pure and simple gift.   

You are funny!  I noticed even before you could talk that you were playing little jokes on me.  You love a good laugh.

You are tiny!  Still wearing a lot of 12 month clothes but you are mighty and brave!  You also didn't walk till 16 months and don't talk nearly as much as the boys did.  I'm kind of happy about that.  You're still so babyish.  

You love your pack pack (back pack) and want to wear one around the house at all times.

I love how you enthusiastically say yyyyyyaaaasssshhhhhhh for yes after everything I ask you.  

You are not hesitant to get out there and do!  You will jump in a puddle or swim in a river.  You're my fearless girl.

You are the gentlest nurturer.  You spend hours putting beebees night night.  Rocking and singing to them, kissing them, nursing them.  I'm in HEAVEN watching you.

You still nurse several times a day.  Can't vouch you're getting much but I adore it, and I'm just so grateful you're still wanting that sweet time with me.

You trot around town like you own the world and are constantly wanting to know where your men folk are.  You adore you boys and your daddy.  A regular occurrence is you, running ahead and then stopping to cup your hands over your mouth only to yell out "boooooooooooysh!"  

You are a little performer and just adore people delighting in you.  You rarely get mad but when someone isn't noticing how adorable you're being, you like to let them know.  Ha!

When you run, you lift your little arms high up so your shoulders are shrugged and wiggle back and forth like a waddling duck.  You always look like a busy body trying to do something important.

You always run to me and when I catch you up in my arms you loop your arms around my neck and sqeeze with all your might with your cheek pressing into mine.  

You love the water just like the others and can go under and paddle already.  A little fish. 

You love noodles and TV.  You call them both noooonules

You love ssssssooooooooozzzz (shoes)

Your eyes sparkle like water on a sunny day and your smile makes everyone feel like they are special.

Being your mama is just the greatest.  Thank you for the beautiful lessons you've already taught me.  

With all my love, 

Your mama