sweet baby graham | julie's story

No one loves babies like Julie Ledford…it is what bonded us years and years ago.  She’s my “baby friend.”  I texted her every time I thought I was pregnant, every time I took a test, every time I miscarried, every time I went to the hospital in labor.  And I knew that she never ever was annoyed.  


Her home is filled with the sweetest little Ledford babies and every single one of them is treasured like they are the only ones.  I was able to be their doula/birth photographer for the birth of their 4th baby Weston.  Julie and I walked the halls for hours that night just talking and talking about babies.  I was overjoyed when she told me they were expecting baby number 5 and that they wanted me to be there.  


This baby was so adored from the beginning.  Daily, little hands would pat mama’s belly and questions would come about when this baby would be in their arms.  After months and months of early labor and hospital visits to stop it, I think that the Ledford children thought this baby would never come!


This sweet baby was able to make it to full term and we were all just singing praises! Just a day shy of induction, labor started on its own!  Even on her 5th baby, Julie was nervous.  Every birth is so different and every single time it takes a surrendering to it.  I watched her labor all night, bravely, with not very much progress.  I saw twinges of doubt cross onto her face as she swayed in front of the monitors.  Finally I had a talk with her and we all decided to enjoy the lack of progress and to try to get some sleep.  After a few hours of sleep, Julie’s water was broken while I was grabbing breakfast from the waiting room.  I walked into a much different scene then I left.  She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, “This baby is coming!”  And with two magnificent roars baby Graham was born into the world.  I nearly had to catch him, but the nurse beat me to it.  


Oh the first few moments were so sweet and so calm!  It felt like the sweetest secret to be there.  And then in marched the other babies just giddy with anticipation and I don’t think they’ve had a calm moment since!  This sweet boy is doted on and loved and I am so very glad he is here.