nell's story | the birth of arthur

Sometimes you do everything right.  You take the classes, you read the books, you hire the doula and you make your Birth Plan. 

The first time I met with Nell and Josh, Nell told me that she wanted to be very fluid with her plan.  That was very important to her, even though her mental and physical strength were there and they had all the support for the natural birth they both still was so important to be fluid.

It turned out that plan was exactly what they needed to birth their baby.  

Have you ever heard of cholestasis of the liver?  It's not great.  And theres nothing to be done about developing it or getting rid of it.  With that diagnosis comes a significant increase in still birth.  It wasn't even a question with them.  They made the choice to induce 3 weeks early, even though they knew that they would have a very difficult labor ahead. 

I was in awe of their attitude and their strong fluidity through out their long, long labor.

Their first born baby, Arthur, was born via c section after Mama and Daddy did everything right for more than a day.  

Arthur was pink and perfect.

This birth story was a beautiful reminder of not holding anything so tight that it isn't able to breathe, to move, to teach us something.

It was such an honor to witness all the sacred moments of this birth story.

Happy Birthday Arthur!