the love story of kaylee rae

This is a love story.  A love story that gives birth to a dream.

This is a story of unrelenting hope and unwavering and fearless determination to live a full life even though life as it was known was swept away in an instant.
This is the story of a gift.  A gift given so purely and freely.  No strings attached, no ulterior motives...just pure love.
I had the honor of not only documenting this journey, but being the doula at this miraculous birth.
This is Kaylee's story.
Rachelle was a soon to be bride having fun with her friends at a pool for her bachelorette party when she suffered a freak accident and became paralyzed from the chest down.  Rachelle said that her first thoughts after being injured were whether or not she would ever be able to have children.  Despite the accident, Chris and Rachelle were married and soon realized that even though she could carry a child, that her chronic low blood pressure and the meds used to stabilize it would be a danger to their child, so they made the decision to pursue surrogacy.  Once they posted about their decision to pursue surrogacy, Laurel, an acquaintance from college and not a close friend, immediately contacted them and offered to be their surrogate.
When I look at Rachelle, I do not see her physical limitations.  When I look at her, I see the spirit of a warrior.  I see in her the same fierce determination as the scoffed at adenturers who were told they were crazy for even thinking of climbing Mt Everest.  When I close my eyes and think of her, I see her on top of a mountain, proud and strong. She has not let this accident take her spirit, but has instead become a beacon of light for others with spinal chord injuries or other disabilities.
She very well could have curled up in the bed and just given up long ago, but she made the decision to get up and live and live fully.  That is more than many of us can say.
When I look at Laurel I see a woman with such pure and compassionate love.  It pours from her and her husband and it is quite the gift to be in their presence and see the simple way they live and how selflessness plays a huge part in that.  I don't find there are many people like them in this world: people who do good without looking back and without the end goal of gaining glory or praise.  The way they love their son Avett gives just a glimpse of their beautiful hearts.
When Laurel heard about Rachelle's desire to have a child of her own she leaped at the chance with no reservations.  A gift given with open and willing hands.
The bond between these two women was something sacred.  I could sometimes see the hint of sadness in Rachelle's eyes as she watched Laurel carry her child.  Her longing for those intimate moments of feeling kicks and rolls, but at the same time complete awe over the process of her journey to motherhood.
Laurel was such a key in keeping Chris and Rachelle connected throughout her pregnancy and inviting them into all of the milestone moments as Kaylee grew inside of her.

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This is a love story of a man and a woman who love so deeply and so completely.  They both wake up every morning and choose to be grateful for life and for one another.

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After a long wait, Laurel finally started contractions about 8 am on a Sunday morning.  By the time I arrived at her home she was in transition and we all headed to the hospital, I texted the nervous first time parents during the drive since they were right behind us in a separate car.

Things were a bit hurried and chaotic once we all arrived at the hospital.  There was a lot going on and not a lot of time to figure out how best to support Laurel as she brought Kaylee into the world.

In the middle of all the chaos I watched as Rachelle rolled over and calmly grabbed Laurel's hand.  An exchange between their eyes of excitement and yet a little bit of fear.  It was moving to watch those women support each other as the hard work of labor was happening to bring the long awaited child into the world.

The second Kaylee was born the tears were flowing and in the blink of an eye I watched as Laurel finished her part and handed over the baby to her parents.  A job very well done.

So much love was flowing in there.  Love flowing to Laurel for her sacrifice and gift, love flowing between new parents as they grew in their love to one another.  Love to the new little person that brought them all together. 2015-05-08_0038 2015-05-08_0039 2015-05-08_0040 2015-05-08_0041 2015-05-08_0042 2015-05-08_0043 2015-05-08_0044 2015-05-08_0045 2015-05-08_0046 2015-05-08_0047 2015-05-08_0048 2015-05-08_0049 2015-05-08_0050 2015-05-08_0051 2015-05-08_0052 2015-05-08_0053 2015-05-08_0054 2015-05-08_0055 2015-05-08_0056 2015-05-08_0057 2015-05-08_0058 2015-05-08_0059 2015-05-08_0060 2015-05-08_0061 2015-05-08_0062 2015-05-08_0063 2015-05-08_0064 2015-05-08_0065 2015-05-08_0066 2015-05-08_0067 2015-05-08_0068 2015-05-08_0069 2015-05-08_0070 2015-05-08_0071 2015-05-08_0072 2015-05-08_0073 2015-05-08_0074 2015-05-08_0075 2015-05-08_0076 2015-05-08_0077 2015-05-08_0078 2015-05-08_0079 2015-05-08_0080 2015-05-08_0081 2015-05-08_0082 2015-05-08_0083 2015-05-08_0084 2015-05-08_0085 2015-05-08_0086 2015-05-08_0087 2015-05-08_0088 2015-05-08_0089 2015-05-08_0090 2015-05-08_0091 2015-05-08_0092 2015-05-08_0093 2015-05-08_0094 2015-05-08_0095 2015-05-08_0096 2015-05-08_0097 2015-05-08_0098 2015-05-08_0099 2015-05-08_0100 2015-05-08_0101 2015-05-08_0102 2015-05-08_0103 2015-05-08_0104 2015-05-08_0105 2015-05-08_0106 2015-05-08_0107 2015-05-08_0108 2015-05-08_0109 2015-05-08_0110 2015-05-08_0111 2015-05-08_0112 2015-05-08_0113 2015-05-08_0114 2015-05-08_0115 2015-05-08_0116 2015-05-08_0117 2015-05-08_0118 2015-05-08_0119 2015-05-08_0120 2015-05-08_0121 2015-05-08_0122 2015-05-08_0123 2015-05-08_0124 2015-05-08_0125 2015-05-08_0126 This journey of parenthood will not be easy.  It will be many times more work than most people have to put into parenting.  But Chris and Rachelle have an endless well of love to draw from and in the end, that is what matters.

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TLC will be following their first few years of parenthood and will be debuting in December 2015.  So make sure you tune in!