a january wedding | sam + whitney

She keeps it simple
And I am thankful for her kind of lovin'
'Cause it's simple

She's talkin' to me with her voice
Down so low I barely hear her
But I know what she's sayin'
I understand because my heart and hers are the same
And in January we're gettin' married

-The Avett Brothers, January Wedding

Those lyrics rung so true to me on that stormy January night when Sam and Whitney married. These are some of my favorite parts of their wedding:

-every single groomsman and of course the groom were musicians so they jammed out while I took pictures and drank coffee.

-groom wearing his great grandfather’s hat.

-whitney practicing mandolin for the ceremony with the most peaceful look on her face.

-the giggly bridesmaids in the coldest air.

-tables draped with eucalyptus and decorated with succulents.

-stepping back and watching everyone they loved singing as they played mandolin and guitar together.

-rushing to the parking lot of target and seeing mountain views even in the storm.

-going to sonic for a milkshake since we only took 3 minutes to take pictures.

-the coziness of that place while bitter cold winds and icy rain surrounded us outside.

-kids running everywhere and no one hushing them.

-a table of pies lovingly baked by friends and family.


As always I am grateful for kindred spirit, artist clients who just let me do my thing.

*groom’s band and amazing new album "Honey and Blood”

*the most romantic bouquets by Fern and Flora Studios