sometimes it hurts

sometimes it hurts when wiggly teeth come out


sometimes it hurts to nurse your sweaty baby and know it could be the last


sometimes it hurts to be so tired and weary that it feels like you can’t take another step


sometimes it hurts to look back weeks later and ache at the love


sometimes it hurts when you love your baby so much but can’t stop his tears


sometimes it hurts to watch him climb higher and higher without you


sometimes it hurts to not be able to be with your love because a million tiny things keep you busy-important things


sometimes it hurts to see your baby’s cautious steps and know that next year she’ll be sure footed


sometimes it hurts to see your child covered in dirt and happier than he has ever been


sometimes it hurts to watch everyone you love from a distance and know that tomorrow isn’t promised


sometimes it hurts to breathe because love fills your heart


sometimes it hurts to push through crying and whining and packing and so many other unpleasant things


but it always is worth it to be together


sometimes I think hurt must be love


that ache so deep for things to be frozen so you can drink in one more moment of that time in life

Fondly remembering this little trip we took in May to celebrate our 11 year anniversary.  It was the time that Lucy had an ear ache and Barclay’s tooth almost fell out.  It was a time of pausing-even if just for a day.  It was a time when my love for Noah had never been stronger and his beard had never been fuller.  It was a time when Sullivan dug for hours in dirt without saying a word.  It was a time when my body and soul was so weary that I just sat and watched from afar with tears falling.  

My family.  

My family.  

This day breathed life back into me.  Every day we adventure together does.