I am an all around artist with deep passion for both the visual and the written word. When it all comes down to it, my place on this earth is to tell stories.

I am an author who has just penned my first baby, a manuscript about my life. Currently in the long waiting session to get published but I’m taking steps every day to get there.

Born a sensitive person, I have spent my life observing and empathizing with people on a very intimate level.  My love of art and photography has always been present, pushing me to think outside of what is expected.  These gifts have lead me to the very fulfilling and honor filled task of living out my purpose in this world: telling stories both visually and through word.

So why should you choose me to tell your story when there are hundreds of others who do the same thing?  

You choose me because you have something to say.  You choose me because I have something to say.  

I do not photograph for now.  I photograph for 20 years from now.  Because the ordinary things that often bypass us become treasured as time passes on. 

I photograph so the tired mother can exhale, knowing that this fleeting time that seems to be slipping through her fingers has been captured.  She can stop worrying that she will forget and instead enjoy that the feeling of tiny fingers tangled in her hair, the dirty happy faces of loved children and the quiet moments of connection with her love.  

I photograph so when grandparents are gone, their warmth and laughter can still seem so very near.

I photograph so that a birth story can be remembered and retold as the transforming, empowering, sacred journey that it was.

Everyone has a story to tell,

I hope that you choose me to tell yours.