my clients love their laugh lines.

my clients are art lovers and lovers of poetry.

my clients are not wealthy, but they see the worth in tangible memories above "stuff".

my clients hire me for my vision, not just to replicate what is trendy.

my clients do not believe in perfect marriages or perfect parents or perfect children.

my clients not only celebrate happy times, they celebrate making it through hard times.

my clients want a book of photos to have their children flip through so that the pages are tiny bit worn on the edges, not just a facebook profile picture. 

my clients get emotional when they see their photos.  they are grateful.

my clients prefer candid moments to posed smiles. my clients don't let all of their hopes ride on perfect outfits.

my clients are patient because they know it is worth the wait.

my clients do not criticize their tiny post baby pooch, instead they swell with tears that they were able to carry life.

my clients are open and take time to tell me their hardships and joys, so that I am able to tell their story with truth.

my clients know that time only increases the value and love for their photos.

my clients become part of my story.

and I become part of theirs.